Thursday, February 4, 2016

He's Mad... The Game Responds To Bossip's Story.

The Game caught wind of Bossip's story. The Game must pay $10 million in sex assualt case. Ouch! Bossip reports, A judge has ruled that The Game has lost a sex assault case after he never bothered to answer the accuser’s complaint. Click Here to read more. The Game responds to below....

losangelesconfidentialLet's get one thing very CLEAR: that thirsty Gatorade mascot of a transvestite WILL NEVER see $10,000,000 or anything close 2 a penny of my money. People think because they read a headline in BOLD PRINT it's true. She won a judgment of 10 million $'s & that means that a judge because I'm overseas has given this chicken a chance 2 MAYBE be able to afford a lifetime supply of lace front hair glue if my lawyers don't respond to this suit by the 26th of this month which they will do tomorrow am. Soon as I'm home, me & my lawyers will EAT THIS CASE like a box of Minion Twinkies on sale at Walmart ! @VH1 has a seperate suit filed against them by this Thot Bot that they will also win because #1 this BIYATCH (Snoop's voice) is a liar. She has a history of theft, fraud, prostitution arrests & a lot of other "Tranny Panty" activity in her past that makes this false claim irrelevant. Don't be fooled by these accusations or the dollar amount in the headlines cause I put that on my favorite aunties poodle this broad ain't gettin shit ! Every girl on that show will tell u I never touched this chick or ever desired to be anywhere near her. She got kicked off the show & as a result she filed this lame lawsuit which was probably her intentions before the show was ever even started. She was begging for my attention the entire time we shot the show & was given the ultimate Major League Baseball CURVE ball so that upset her & made her lil wee wee hard so she did what all chicks like her do when life gives them no other options.... They sue you ! This is really a crying shame so at this point I will use the crying shame emoji ��������. See you in court Mister Rainey. N I say Mr. because ur mustache is probably a bit longer than it was during taping being that it's about to be spring & that's usually when mine is at its healthiest, hit @Beboprbarber for the best mustache edge up u can find. Tell em I sent u & it's on the house u dusty bitch you !#TellEmBoutThatScratchNSniffWigYouBeWearing #HairyAssUnderArms#BitchWasUsingMyOldSpice (insert old spice whistle) #PS #iHateAll17OfYoWigs#AndYesIFlushedUrClosurePieceDownTheWaffleHouseToilet take these ���������� @priscillarainey aka#JuwannaMann


Roc Nation Counter sues Rita Ora.

Awhile back Rita Ora suing Roc Nation.. In a complaint filed on Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court, she’s seeking a declaratory judgment that the recording agreement she signed in 2008 at the age of 18 with Roc Nation violates California law and is unenforceable. She’s taking such action after presenting herself as “orphaned” from Roc Nation in light of the Jay Z company’s developing interest in sports management and other endeavors. Roc Nation counter sues Rita Ora. Page Six reports, In the new suit, Roc Nation counters that it’s spent over $2 million developing and marketing the British pop singer’s still-unreleased second album. The label says the ​British ​​”​X Factor​”​ judge was supposed to deliver a total of five albums when she signed with Roc Nation in 2008, but has only put out one. Roc Nation says it scooped up Ora, 25, when she was an “unknown singer” and “has tirelessly promoted [her] career, investing millions of dollars in marketing, recording and other costs, which was instrumental in guiding Ms. Ora to her current level of success and fame.

Double Stories: Kim Kardashian Defends Her Bae Kanye West's Rolling Stone Fake Cover/ Radar Online Story..

Last night Rolling Stone calls out Kanye West over fake magazine cover click Here to read. Kim K. defends her man on social media. In similar news Radar Online runs an interesting story on the lovely couple.

Kanye Leaves Kim! Kardashian ‘Considering Divorce...

“Kim is absolutely mortified by Amber’s post,Life & Style magazinereported. “She said she’s never felt so humiliated in her life.” And so, the report claims, the 35-year-old mother of West’s two children went to extremes to punish her husband. “She was so angry, she wouldn’t let Kanye into the house,” a source told the magazine. “She changed all the codes and asked security not to let him through the gate.” “She was fuming with Kanye for antagonizing Amber. She said she’s had enough. She believes every word of what Amber wrote. All she wanted to do was crawl under the covers and never show her face again.” “Kim accused Kanye of reveling in the drama of feuding with his ex and of still being obsessed with her,” the source said. “Kim told Kanye he should be ashamed of himself for what he’s done to her and the family.” And this ultimately might be the end of her third marriage, the source said. “Kim is so enraged, she’s considering divorce,” the source said. “She said she can’t take much more. This latest saga has just proved to her how destructive Kanye is. She’s convinced that if she stays with him, he’ll take her down with him.”

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Update: Bun B And Stacey's Ex. Ryan P Read Stacey Dash To Filth...

Instagram media by trillog - What's that? The new @jeffstaple X @nikesb "Pigeon" high drops when? Bet good looking! This is an epic read to Ms. Stacey Dash... If you missed the previous story click Here to read. Bun B is not here for Stacey Dash and her shucking and jiving...
“For everyone that didn’t know that looks don’t mean a goddamn thing if the inside of you is ugly as fuck here’s your proof,” the remaining half of UGK wrote in a caption for a photo of Stacey Dash. “Her black skin drives her crazy. And as hard as she tries to separate herself from the black community, she doesn’t even realize her token role as a pawn in their game. You’re black. Hating yourself and us won’t make them love you. The best you’ll ever here is “You’re not like the rest of them” and if that works for you then cool.
Instagram Stacey Dash supporters report Bun B's instagram post... Capture.PNG If you missed Ryan put Stacey Dash on blast on social media earlier this year click Here to read. Ryan blast Stacey on social media over her recent statement.  

iamrprophet@realstaceyldash your views on black culture & people of color as a whole are Fucking terrible I wonder do you truly love your self & this is coming from a brother that had genuine Luv for you since day1 as a fan Artist lover & creater many young sisters look up to you....Ask your self do u really Luv BLACK BABIES?! #blacklivesmatter but out of respect for your son That post was took down �� make me a believer help those people in #flint oh I forgot your a Foxnewspuppet just remember bleaching your skin is poisonous. @bet#giveBETtheyCheckBack #shaderoom#TMZ #LuvBScott #allhiphopdotcom#staceyGone #staceydumb#doNotMakeMeTellItAll#BeautifulOutsideInUGLY#DontMakeMeTell

Capture Stacey Dash claps back at Ryan  via text. Ryan of course post the text messages.

iamrprophet@realstaceyldash �� Better yet apologize to the world & give BET back they money �� then i'll consider taking it down.


iamrprophetShe just text me again@realstaceyldash


Adele, Kendrick Lamar, the Weeknd among this year's performers 2016

Rihanna is also rumored to perform this  year at this award show. If you missed the hint click Here to read. It is worth the wait. More performers are announced today to perform at the event..Adele, and she's performing at next month's Grammy Awards.The Recording Academy told The Associated Press on Wednesday that the British singer, leading nominee Kendrick Lamar, the Weeknd and Little Big Town will perform at the Feb. 15 show.  

Azealia Banks And BET Network Responds To Stacey Dash.

  If you missed  new black Stacey Dash shading BET Network click Here to read. BET remains unbothered by the statement. In fact BET shares a good old fashion shade to the Ms. Stacey Dash on social media.

bet�� Soooooo @realstaceyldash, can we get our check back... or nah? #Remember #YouWereOnTheGame #AndWeDontMeanTheRapper

Capture2.PNG Azealia Banks even adds her little opinion in as well with sarcasm of course. Capture1.PNG

Cam Newton has been selected as the 2015 NFL MVP and Offensive Player of the Year ...

Cam Newton can add this to his bragging rights. Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has been voted the 2015 NFL Most Valuable Player and Offensive Player of the Year by the Professional Football Writers of America (PFWA). Newton fronted a dominant Panthers offense with 35 touchdown passes, 10 rushing touchdowns and 3,837 passing yards while helping lead Carolina to a 15-1 record in the regular season and top seed in the NFC.